Big Data application in e-commerce

The use of Big Data and analytics is helping e-commerce businesses stay one step ahead of the game. Big data is a large collection of information that organizations can use to determine which products, pricing, and promotions are best for maximizing profits.

E-commerce and Big Data
This is a large set of data that organizations can use to make better decisions. And the e-commerce business can benefit the most from using Big Data, because of all the information they collect in the course of day-to-day operations.
Many large retailers know the value of this information and offer customers many incentives when shopping on their site. All these options are generated from Big Data analysis. There is really no limit to customer preferences when using this tool.
Big data consists of two types of valuable information, structured and unstructured. Structured data is information that typically includes names and addresses. Unstructured data is collected from places like social networks and includes likes, shares, clicks, and videos. This information is what is valuable to e-commerce businesses, which can optimize customer service.
Applications of Big Data in e-commerce
1. Building a better customer experience is one of the most important uses of Big Data. Customers expect good treatment from an e-commerce business, and this data can be used to help keep them satisfied.
2. Predictive analytics is used by e-commerce to predict what consumers will buy. Amazon uses this better than anyone and doesn’t just rely on their marketing capabilities.
3. Personalization involves using Big Data to personalize emails and increase conversion rates.
4. Prices can be changed continuously to keep up with the competition using real-time analytics.

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