EKYC stands for Electronic Know Your Customer. This is a AI solution about image recognition and electronic customer identification.

The process by which a customer performs a transaction such as opening a bank account, registering a SIM,… through verifying personal documents and performing registration forms is called KYC (Know Your Customer).

However, normal KYC transactions will have a probability of error, time consuming, and be costly because it is done manually by humans. With the eKYC solution (Electronic Customer Identification), KYC transactions will be performed automatically through AI technology.

This process is especially important in the financial services industry to ensure that client’s information is correct as on file to avoid potential litigation risk and to hold accountable for future violations of the law.

EKYC is the inevitable development trend in the digital era.


Ekyc authenticates the portrait with the photo on the ID

1. Processing range

Verify photos taken via camera / phone with available photos or on ID

2. Input

Live photo, ID or available photos

Up to 4MB / 1 photo

Accept cropped images (not cropped content)

3. Output

2 input images (with confidence level)

4. Accuracy

Provided by confidence parameter, in case confidence < 70%, it needs to be checked by human

5. Processing speed: <1s

6. Deployment

Installed directly at VPBank’s system (no internet connection required)

Easily integrate with existing systems via API

Commit to provide updates when a new version is available


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