Popular web browsers and their pros and cons

Below is a list of the 6 most popular browsers and the unique features of each browser that contribute to an enhanced user experience.

1. Google Chrome – Quick detection of sounding tab

Regular Internet users are probably not too familiar with the situation when you have a lot of tabs open and suddenly one of them makes a sound because a video or an ad is running on its own. At this point, finding the tab that is emitting a sound to quickly turn it off is really not pleasant when you have to go back and check the content of each tab.
However, you will never have to endure this situation again if you choose to use Google Chrome starting from version 32 onwards. Accordingly, this web browser will display a small speaker icon in any tab that makes a sound, and you can quickly turn off tabs with unwanted sound with just a glance.

2. Internet Explorer – Anti-tracking list

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One of the bad sides of the Internet is that users can be tracked no matter where they are in the world by a website, third-party content providers, advertising services because This is why user data is so important. There are quite a few add-ons for browsers that claim to be able to effectively protect your privacy, but from a built-in perspective, only Internet Explorer has this feature.
Accordingly, when activating the Tracking Protection feature in IE, users can select anti-tracking lists provided by some 3rd parties. From here, whenever you browse a website included in the anti-listing list. tracking, the system will by default block sending data from you to that website. Overall, if you are a person who cares about individuality and privacy on the Internet, Internet Explorer is a browser worth considering..
3. Safari – Share quickly

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When visiting a website using Safari, users can easily share it via social networks like Facebook or Twitter or via email using the Share feature. Because it is already built into the browser, you do not need to install any additional third-party elements to perform this task.

4. Firefox – Easy password management

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All modern browsers have the ability to save the user’s password and username for faster logins for later use. This feature is very convenient but also potentially risky in case you leave your computer still on in a public place and crooks can easily access your accounts from your social network accounts. association to more dangerous than a bank account.
To limit this risk, Firefox gives users a feature called Master Password. Accordingly, when a thief wants to break into the system of passwords stored in you, this person will not be able to do anything unless he has the master password to manage other passwords that you have set up in Master Password.
5. Internet Explorer (version Windows 8) – Reading mode

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Ads, unattractive user interfaces, and confusing and redundant navigational guides can seriously degrade anyone’s experience of reading content on the Internet. Therefore, the version of Internet Explorer for Windows 8 has given users a feature to read pure content, keeping only text and images and removing all other elements.
Basically, Reading View in Internet Explorer is quite similar to the Reader feature in Safari, but what Microsoft brings seems to be superior when users can have more customizations about the background color, for example.
6. Opera – Speed Dial

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Since Speed ​​Dial was born, this feature has proved overwhelming compared to the method of saving bookmarks because of the intuitiveness and convenience it brings. Speaking of the Spedd Dial feature in Opera browser, you can not only bookmark a single page for quick access, but you can also create a folder containing multiple pages on Speed ​​Dial for easier management.

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