IntFace: Cloud Camera AI

Comprehensive solutions for storing and controlling information when using camera: Timekeeping, employee information management, detecting crowd’s movement, intrusion alert.


  • Superadmin is the account with the highest authority, have the right to view and edit all information in the system of departments and organized branches.
  • Admin account: is the management account of the organization with the greatest authority to edit, view all data of that branch .
  • Employee account: Depending on the assigned position and title in the organization, the system can grant access to each part of the system. Each employee has the right to see that individual’s own timekeeping data.
  • The system also supports the app so that employees can keep track of whether the timesheet is correct or not. It is possible to apply for leave of absence or another application.
  • In addition, the system also has the function of announcing VIP, which is the place to declare VIP customers. If there is this customer, the system will also recognize and notify the staff to follow up.


1. Managing time attendance information at real time

Displaying the attendance history daily can be filtered so that the HR department can look up the employee’s attendance history.

Tracking employee attendance history monthly. For example, customers can click here to see a detailed and visual view  to see at that month what time the employee comes or leaves, and how many days sooner or later it is, and how many days off.

2. Managing employee information

Trang quản lý thông tin nhân viên
Chi tiết thông tin nhân viên

Supporting Admin and HR to manage departmental staff according to many information fields:

  • There is a function of decentralizing each employee to each department
  • Managing the faces of each employee during the shift
  • Searching information by name, department, phone number

3. Exporting report as required

  • Supporting Admin, HR to export report to excel file quickly.
  • Supporting HR department to calculate exactly the salary for employees.
  • Supporting monitoring department to keep track of access history of each employee, each customer according to exported file.

4. Managing application

Màn hình thêm đơn xin nghỉ

Employees can apply for leave of absence or explain about late arrival or wrong timekeeping so that HR can track and correct if there is a mistake or assist in timekeeping.

  • All applications are in standby mode when the employee submits the application.
  • The HR department checks the access history to correct the employee’s attendance information.
  • Admin can approve the employee’s application on the system.


1. Intrusion alert

Supporting staffs to monitor intrusion alert if the number of cameras required is large. Supporting office owners to monitor the office automatically without regular supervision.

2. Data storage

Supporting customers to store camera’s information for future review, or access when something goes wrong.

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